About us


Our Mission

AtHugo provides services in the recruitment of highly qualified technical professionals. In mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and facilities and building services engineering.

We connect highly qualified technical professionals from Portugal with Dutch employers, in a creative, flexible and sustainable way. We are convinced that happy professionals perform better. That’s why we are happy to fully commit to our mission.

Our Vision

European job mobility is on the increase. Mobility makes for greater opportunities and more rewarding careers. But there are also some pitfalls.

Convinced that ‘happy professionals perform better’, AtHugo connects highly qualified technical professionals from Portugal with Dutch employers, in a creative and sustainable way. We help them to settle in the Netherlands, tending to their personal needs and keeping an eye on the situation back home. By making their adventures a success, we create sustainable solutions for the future.

Working with reliable partners

We only work with reliable partners that meet the requirements and standards. Whether it’s employment contracts, payroll, transport or housing. Partners who:

  • Have the NBBU-CAO certificate (www.nbbu.nl)
  • Comply with ISO 9001: 2015  (www.nen.nl)
  • Meet the requirements as set out in the VG Employment, VCU version 2011-05 standard, the sending of technical staff (www.vca.nl)
  • Comply with the standards as stipulated in the NEN-4400-1 and are included in the Register Normering Labor, the Standard of Reliability (www.normeringarbeid.nl)
  • Comply with the basic requirements of hygiene, safety and quality and are registered with the Stichting Normering Flexwonen (www.normeringflexwonen.nl)


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